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Does Arizona need an all-woman orchestra?

19 February 2017, The Arizona Republic, Kerry Lengel

“We are also looking to redefine what classical music concerts mean to us…”

WOA Az Republic Article 2:17:17 – Pg1


Essonance Chamber Choir with Special
Guest the Io String QuartetMusettastoneReviewSynergy2012
8 May 2012
Musetta Stone
Ryan Noakes

‘The performance of the choir was quite impressive….enthusiasm was clearly visible on the faces of each m



The Jean Coulthard Readings: This Year’s Crop Vancouversun Composition Review 2
23 March 2011
The Vancouver Sun
David Gordon Duke

‘As would Livia Gho’s Hymn Tunes, a piece that reminded me of Charles Ives with a contemporary sensibility. I don’t know if this is Gho’s first big orchestra piece, but I think she hit the bull’s-eye.’

Vancouversun Composition Review 2

Local Voices: Phoenix Women’s Chorus EchoPWCOct-15
October 2015
Echo Magazine
Danae Barnes

‘I want to bring an international perspective, the different and current musical trends around the world, connecting the choir to that community…’


Phoenix Women’s Chorus Announces New Artistic Director
September 2015
Echo Magazine

‘…the chorus is a support system and network for women… [Gho] sees it as her responsibility to maintain and strengthen the fabric of these relationships within the Chorus by acknowledging its history and helping to build its future.’


IU Vocal Jazz Ensemble wins Downbeat Magazine Award HoosierTimesVocalJazzMay-14
11 May 2014
Hoosier Times

‘There is a lot of talent in Vocal Jazz Ensemble I, and it is very impressive that the group won the Downbeat award on its first try…’


Congratulations IU Vocal Jazz Ensemble I Downbeat Award2014 - 1
June 2014
Downbeat Magazine

‘Small Vocal Jazz Group Graduate College Winner…’

Downbeat Award2014 – 1

Vancouver choir stages concert Ablaze AsianPacificPost Nov 17th 2011
6 December 2012
Asian Pacific Post

‘…’Light’-inspired pieces that are contemporary yet contemplative…’

Ablaze AsianPacificPost Nov 17th 2011

Choir concert in Vancouver TFP_Community Synergy 12-0510
10 May 2012
Asian Pacific Post
Synergy 5:12



Live Concert Series staged by Vancouver musicians
17 November 2011
Asian Pacific Post

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